Review of ‘My Grandfather’s Eyes’

Congratulations to Bev Spicer for an engaging read.
‘My Grandfather’s Eyes’ is a well written novel which keeps the reader interested in the characters. Told in the first person perspective the narrative draws you along with the main protagonist, a quite shallow Alex Crane, whose personality has been dictated by the blemishes on her face. The world owes her something, so here is a girl who is selfish and prepared to exploit all she comes across for her own ends, picking up people and discarding them without a thought. She has no respect for anyone apart from her friend Lizzie and her late Grandfather.
The story revolves around Alex and her selfish desire to achieve what she wants in life. She marries for convenience but has desires for another, she has everything; wealth, stability, and a husband who loves her; but her family have secrets, and it is those secrets which slowly come to light as the story moves on. But Alex has become bored, her husband an inconvenience, and she desperately wants what she can’t have. As the family secrets are revealed something else happens, and the ruthless Alex sees an opportunity to get what she desires. 
I look forward to reading more from this author, the writing style is fluid and descriptive and you feel confident, knowing that you can sit back and enjoy the journey with her.
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