Review of Bunny on a bike by Bev Spicer

Bunny on a Bike is simply hilarious!
It is also a warm hearted, easy going and chatty memoir.
What’s not to like about the real life story of two young girls with little responsibility applying for jobs in the (not so) glamorous Playboy Empire of the early 1980’s….and surprisingly get taken on!
Not yet in the serious stage of their lives they just want to have fun….and they do that in spades. The bed-sits are dingy, their landlords stingy, their diets unhealthy.  Then there’s the catty colleagues, the wannabe’s, the celebrities (when they recognise them) and of course the punters.  We also meet their long suffering and extremely patient boyfriends.
Reading this is a bit like sitting in a pub with a pint in your hand and eavesdropping on the table behind. Lots of things are going on, but try as you might you just can’t drag your attention away, not even to go up to the bar to get another drink; you’re stuck there, glued to the seat, listening and laughing along as the girl behind tells her story….you just can’t leave, because you know you’ll miss something interesting!
A bunny girl…on a bike; do I really need to say anything else?
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