My review of Switch by Karen Prince

The High Priest Drogba needs another body so that he can prolong his life, so what does he choose?
Gogo Maya is a witch who has to make a switch in order to escape, but unfortunately for Joe, he was in the way. Joe’s cousin Ethan then finds that he has to save the life of the witch by giving her the kiss of life…..but the result is somewhat unexpected.
The story revolves around Ethan’s trek through the jungle in order to find his cousin. With the help of a couple of friends, a leopard, some crocodiles, a hyena or two and some strange little people called the Tokoloshe, as well as the witch, he finds he has to enter a magical kingdom in order to rescue Joe…..but magical kingdoms are magic, so what will he find?
The characters are well developed and mature through their trials and efforts as the book progresses. Well written and nicely paced, with rich setting and gentle humour, the author takes us on a journey through the Africa that she undoubtedly knows well.

Switch should have a wide appeal; a YA book, yes, but adults can enjoy the Kingdom of Karibu too.

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