Bloody mobile phones!

So, a checkout girl gets her knuckles rapped for refusing to serve a woman who was talking on a mobile phone. Not only that, but the offender even gets a £10 voucher and an apology from the store! 
Now, I may be getting on, but wasn’t it manners once-upon-a-time to actually engage with the person who is dealing with you? You know, please, thank you, busy day?
 Instead society seems to have gone to the wall; rudeness is perhaps the new politeness.
It drives me made when I stand in a queue in a shop and someone is standing in front of me with that little bit of plastic glued to their ears and screaming into it.
In the first place I don’t want to know that the girl down the road is getting it on with your nearest and dearest, or that the big plan to go out for the night has been ruined by the baby-sitter crying off at the last moment, or that you just booked an all over waxing session that will stop you and your man from being velcroed together later that night………….I just don’t want to know!
If it was up to me, anyone found guilty of talking on a mobile phone whilst standing at the checkout should be subject to the maximum penalty available, either surgical removal of the offending article by means of an eight foot long axe descending at a rapid rate of knots towards the neck of the offender,(sorry, you have been disconnected) or at least the removal of the fingernails by way of a pair of pliers. (At least should stop them pressing the sodding buttons on the bloody keypad!)
There should be no mercy to these rude, unsocial, annoying individuals. They should be arrested on sight by the politeness police and carted off in the little black van to some dingy, dirty, dank little black hole and never see daylight again.
Can’t these bloody people just wait until they have paid and gone outside? The world ain’t going to end because you don’t answer the bloody thing!
And lastly, I hope the wax is so bloody hot that you need stick your arse in the freezer for the next two months!

The checkout girl getting her knuckles rapped? She should be applauded, promoted and given an award…….good for you girl, you go get ‘em! 
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