Jazz Baby is an atmospheric dip into southern America in the 1920’s. It follows the story of Emily Ann as she hits adolescence; as she sings and explores life, life explores her.

I enjoyed reading this book as it was both light and dark. The prose flowed well and jogged along at the right pace. The dialect was no problem for me even though I’m a Brit, I thought it brought to life both the era and place.

My only gripe is with the main character’s reaction to certain situations. What should have affected her deeply, and been a catalyst for what followed, was seemingly just shrugged off. Her emotions for me weren’t explored enough as she just carried on until the next event in her life panned out, be it a murder, a rape, or sexual awakening.

Having said that I still found it an enjoyable read, it is well written and the characterisations are good. It’s certainly a book I would have no hesitation in recommending.

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  1. I read and enjoyed this book very much.

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