The old adage applies

The Commonwealth Games have now finished. I must admit I was glued to the telly day in and day out as you could see all the competitors trying their hardest to win that elusive gold medal.

Did you see the expression on the face of thirteen year old Para-swimmer Erriad Davies who won a bronze medal? Priceless!

All those athletes, new to the scene, won because many top athletes stayed away. The aspiring athletes gained; the unknowns who competed in front of millions won against expectation and received a media coverage they could only have dreamed of. Sport gained because of it.

Is there a correlation with writing?

Yep there is.

You see, all those athletes trained hard in an attempt to make it onto the world stage, some of them have now managed it. Those of us who write try to bring our work onto the world stage. Those unknown athletes have shown what can be achieved with perseverance, dedication and bloody hard work. Years of training have paid off by the simple act of having a medal hung around their necks. It applies to us too. It’s inspiring. We spend sometimes years scribbling away with what looks like no hope of success – and then suddenly there’s a chance. It brings hope that success can come to those who least expect it, and that, my dear friends, applies to us as writers as well.

The old adage applies; it takes years of hard work to become an overnight success!

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