Review of ‘The Truth Will Out’ by Jane Isaac

This is the second helping of DCI Helen Lavery, and like the first, I enjoyed it immensely.

The story begins with two friends on skype, but for one of them, violence and death ensues while the other watches on.

Enter Helen Lavery and her team as they try to follow the scant leads provided. Before too long though, Lavery is usurped by a former lover as he is shoe-horned in above her head to lead the investigation. Lavery is torn. Her interest in her former lover is piqued, but she isn’t happy that the investigation has been taken out of her hands – and even unhappier when he comes to a conclusion that she doesn’t agree with.

The writing is crisp and the plot doesn’t dawdle. The characters are well drawn and the author gives the protagonist a human side. Lavery juggles the two parts of her life, her job and her family, which gives the story a realism which the reader can easily identify with. I liked the antagonists too, they set up a nice creepy element to the story and the whole combines to give a satisfying read.

Hopefully we will hear more of this detective in the future.

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  1. Jane Isaac says:

    Thank you so much for reading The Truth Will Out, Clive, and sharing your thoughts here. I’m delighted you enjoyed:))

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