Cover Reveal!

Well, here it is. The cover for my new book. Hope you all like it as much as I do!

Scooters Yard will be out on 9th of May!

If anyone wants to be an ARC reader then please get in contact via the “contact me”  button on the top bar with an email address and preferred format. Thanks all.

The blurb:

A radical move ruffles more than a few feathers.

The introduction of female officers into the Police Force has an effect that Commander Jethro MacGillicudy wasn’t intending — someone isn’t happy.

A Watch-House mysteriously catches fire, a cart carries a strange load and there’s a neatly folded pile of clothes.

MacGillicudy joins forces with Cornwallis, Frankie and Rose to dig out the truth: a truth which has consequences, a truth which runs too close to home for comfort, a truth which must be discovered before it’s too late.

Another visit to Gornstock and its inhabitants as the crime-solving team seek out the not-so-good guys with the help of a cat and twelve very eager girls. 


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