Review of The Rock by Robert Daws

This is an entertaining fast-paced detective story with interestingly flawed main characters. Sullivan ends up on the Rock of Gibraltar, via a secondment, having run foul of her superiors in the Met, while Broderick moved from London a few years previously through adverse personal circumstances.

Murder comes to the Rock and it’s down to world-weary Chief Inspector Broderick and D/S Sullivan to sort out the truth from the half-truth.

The main characters both have an interesting back-story and this is drip-fed into the narrative so that you can feel the angst and injustices they have suffered. The prose has much to commend, it is well written and descriptive with flashes of humour interspersed throughout. Though the book is on the short side, it is one that is well worth a read.

Congrats to the author on producing a debut novel that is both enthralling and entertaining. I will definitely read more of Sullivan and Broderick’s detective adventures.

       The Rock: Murders In The Sun (Sullivan and Broderick Murder Investigation Book 1) by [Daws, Robert]

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