Review of Dream On by Terry Tyler

Dream On is the first Terry Tyler book I’ve read, and I must say I enjoyed it immensely.
The story revolves around a group of friends who aspire to greater things, but as we know, things don’t always go to plan.
The story centres on Dave, and his tangled private life, as he tries to hit the big time with his rock band Thor. Dave is fundamentally a nice guy, though his heart is pulled in two different directions….what he should do, and what he wants to do. The background to this is his band, and its attempts at achieving stardom.
Janice is his long suffering girlfriend and the mother of his child; but her nemesis, in the shape of Dave’s beautiful ex-girlfriend, arrives back in town….Ariel Swan also harbours a desire to succeed in the music business.
What follows is a wry look into the lives of these people, and their dreams. The premise is a simple one, but that doesn’t mean that it’s a simple story; it is also a social commentary on the modern day phenomenon of celebrity, and the many persons’ aspirations to achieve those great heights with little discernible talent.
Written in a good paced free flowing style, the story jogs along nicely. Humour is interlaced throughout, and you find yourself often grinning as the characters develop and the story progresses. The journey takes us through the early gigs of the band, the wrangled personal lives of those involved, and the decision to enter an X-factor style talent competition….there is even a brief dip into the Jeremy Kyle show.
All in all, this is a book that could be termed “a rattling good read”.  Chic-lit it’s not, it’s quite simply a well crafted novel, and I would recommend it to anyone who simply enjoys reading for pleasure. 
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