The Violin Man’s Legacy by Seumas Gallacher

The Violin Man’s Legacy by Seamus Gallacher is fast paced, well written with nicely rounded characters. The story revolves around a security company, triads and gemstones. The action starts straight from page one and continues throughout with barely a pause.

Ex SAS Jack Calder is the main character in this testosterone driven, all action thriller. However, testosterone filled it may be, but Jack has another side as well. The body count is high, but this book also explores the psyche of Calder and how he comes to terms with the things he has to do. Yes, guns are an integral part of the story, as are violence and greed, but not the only part.

An enjoyable page-turning read for anyone who likes their action heroes to have just a little bit of humanity mixed with their machismo.

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  1. .. thank you, Clive… much appreciated , that man.. may I quote the review ?

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