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A few people have asked when my next book is coming out. Well, hopefully it won’t be too long in arriving. I’m about two thirds of the way through writing it at the moment, so if I can do my time management properly……..

That’s the trouble when you’re not a full-time writer; there are so many other things that get in the way.

Work for example – I have to earn a few pennies in order to put a crust on the table, otherwise I’d have to queue up at the workhouse in order to get a bowl of gruel to hand out to those poor unfortunates saddled with me as a husband, father, dog owner etc.

Life – I have a family, they need a lot of my attention; otherwise I might not have a family at the end of it (see above) should I devote all my spare time to scribbling.

Sport – Yes, I like sport and I do participate; I actually do archery. Also armchair football, rugby, cricket, tennis….but sorry, not golf. Sky telly does come in handy.

Then there’s all the little DIY things that I have to do around the house, the gardening, the decorating, repairing everything that breaks down, falls apart, disappears or is disappearing; all those little things that need doing and eat up your time.

Then of course, there is the pub………did I not mention the pub? It’s a nice pub, a good old fashioned English watering hole where they serve proper beer, not that fizzy cold stuff that’s the bane of our modern society, proper beer that has texture and colour, beer that has body, beer that has a soul. Beer served from a hand pump at cellar temperature, beer that slips down the throat with a velvet caress.

I’m not alone in this. The chances are that your favourite indie/self-published author is doing the same, as very few are in the position to be full-time writers.

So, to get my/their next book out sooner, you need to support them. Wave a flag with their name on it, use a bit of social media to get the word out, tell your friends, your relatives, anyone who’ll listen. But best of all, love them by buying their books – but don’t forget to give them a review!

Here’s mine by the way.

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  1. Speaking of pub, I’ve been thinking of taking some of my writing to the coffee house or pub to get away from the family. Do you think this would be a good or bad idea? Do you ever write at the pub or is the pub just for socializing.

    I live in American (Indiana specifically) so we lack the proper pub (You guys in the UK have all the good ones) but we do have Cook McDoogals, an Irish-themed pub with a lot of dignity.

    Thanks for sharing this post. Very fun read.

    • clivemullis says:

      I reckon you should write anywhere you feel comfortable. I have thought about taking my little folder down to the pub, but whether I would actually get any writing done is open to question! Don’t forget though, Harry Potter was largely written in a cafe.

      Irish pub? Dignity? From my experience the two don’t exactly go together!

      If yer can’t get any peace at home, then have a wander to various places to find the one that suits you, it could be a little adventure and you never know who is looking over your shoulder; six steps removed and all that! 😉

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