Rip-roaring mystery

The opening chapter of this thriller grips like barnacle. Jack Lockwood’s half-brother is accused of rape and murder, but as Jack tries to talk him down from a crane he professes his innocence and states that he thinks there is an agenda among some high profile and influential people to frame him for the rapes and murders.

What follows is a roller-coaster of a ride as Jack looks into the truth of the matter.

Jack Lockwood is one of the unluckiest characters in fiction. It’s not necessarily his fault, but he always seems to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, and upsets the wrong people. The women in his life seem to come with baggage that would perhaps be best described as interesting. Although you get the feeling that Jack would like his pipe and slippers in front of a roaring fire as he puts his feet up of an evening, you know that that will never happen.

The story moves like an express train which has had the brakes taken off. There is no stopping it once it gets going, and go it certainly does.

The writing is crisp and allows you to take the journey along with the author. The characters are well rounded and believable. The plot and sub-plot are nicely woven together and leaves you wondering which strand Jack has got hold of as he is thrown unceremoniously from pillar to post.

This is a stand-alone novel, and one that works well, but reading the first two books in the series will help with understanding of Jack and his motives.

Congratulations to Geoffrey West for producing another rip-roaring mystery/suspense novel.


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