Review of Witch Light by Susan Fletcher

Seen through the eyes of Corrag, a young girl imprisoned for being a witch and awaiting execution by burning, Witch Light tells the story of the Glen Coe massacre of 1692. Corrag relates her story to Charles Leslie, a churchman, as she sits in her wintery cell, waiting for the snow to clear before being tied to the stake.

Based on real events, this book is beautifully written. The descriptions transport you to a different time and place where you can smell the heather and see the snow covered mountains (a cliché, I know, but apt). Corrag’s story tugs at the heartstrings; her life, and the injustices heaped upon her, are the driving force of the book, which culminates in the bloody massacre on a cold February night. She is both innocent and world weary, naïve and wise and all she wants to do is to live her life; but the tragic circumstances which drove her away from home are always in her mind. She thought she had found sanctuary in Glen Coe, and for a short time she had – but only for a short time.

Without doubt this is a little gem of a book, hauntingly beautiful and evocative, and one that I would highly recommend!,204,203,200_.jpg


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